What is Reach?

Reach is the first and only social media club at USC. But more than an org, we're a family! We aim to create a community for influencers, digital marketers, and anyone interested in social media. During the semester, we have:

  • Workshops to teach you how to build a following, create viral content, and manage a brand's page.
  • Guest speakers including influencers with millions of followers and growth hackers who've pulled viral marketing stunts.
  • Projects to create videos together that spread around USC.
  • Social outgoings to get adventurous Instagram pictures and escape from stressful classes!

Watch this quick video from our influencer friends!


Applications have CLOSED for Fall 2019.

We are now in the process of reviewing applications, but we recruit every semester, so check us out again in the spring!

Stay updated about events on our Facebook page, and we can't wait to further build the community! #ReachFam